Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Mini Muffin Tin!

After the Easter Bunny brought me the 500 Cupcakes cookbook and a friend gave me the Hello, Cupcake! cookbook for my birthday, I got pretty excited about all of the new cupcake and muffin recipes.

So while shopping in Target with my mom, I saw this mini muffin tin and felt compelled to buy it.

I'm planning on spending a good amount of time in the kitchen this weekend. I can't wait to use this tin and try some new recipes.

Is it just me, or are mini muffins simply more fun than regular sized muffins?


Molly said...

there was a period of about 5 years where I would make a variety of mini-muffins every week for either my husband's work or a women's Bible study group. I would typically make a double batch of 3 different kinds of muffins yielding 6 dozen mini-muffins per batch. Yes, I do LOVE mini muffins :)

This post has brought back some wonderful memories; perhaps I will start making mini-muffins again this summer during my break from school.

Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

I like the look of your new mini-muffin tin. I haven't made mini-muffins for a while and now I have this urge after looking at your pan. I think mini-muffins are more fun because I can eat more muffins that way.