Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Danish Food

During February break, I embarked on a journey to Denmark with my school as part of a cultural exchange program. Seventeen American students were placed with Danish hosts, all of whom attend the same academy. Most students stayed at their host family's home, but a few boys crashed at the academy with their hosts (who are boarders).

The entire week was absolutely incredible: the people, the food, the architecture, everything. I'll tell you, I'm falling in love with Europe! My host family was so kind, and the Danish students were so much fun. My week in Denmark was one of the best weeks, if not the best week, of my life.

Above are various desserts from my time in Denmark. I enjoyed all of them in Copenhagen, except for the one in the first picture, which I had in the town where I stayed. I split the buttery scone, the lemon-coconut cupcake, and the apple pastry with my best friend during our free time in the city. The chocolate and the dessert in the first picture were all mine. Hey, when in Denmark!

Like Germany, the bread there was delicious. Greatly inspired, I've been baking quite a bit of bread since I've returned. That said, bread recipes are on the way!

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Esme said...

That top dessert looks amazing.